Friday, July 14, 2006

Get this bit from the Guardian, that "Yankee Go Home" standard-bearer, on the Israeli-Hezbollah war:

But if the situation shows signs of escalating, the Bush administration may have to drop its hands-off attitude and get more actively involved. Unlike his predecessors, George Bush shows little inclination, to get personally involved in the thankless task of handholding Israeli and Palestinian negotiators. But that is what may be needed. If the president insists on staying away from the fray, at least the US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, should get stuck in to defuse a political crisis that is having a direct economic impact well beyond the region.

If I'm reading it right, this guy wants Bush to intervene in the war in order to palliate its economic impact on the UK, an attitude which doesn't jibe at all with the Guardian's usual imperialism-capitalism "no blood for oil" rants. Note the standard European call for the Americans to step in whenever the shit hits the fan and their own interests are at stake.

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