Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday blog roundup while listening to John Lee Hooker:

Aaron Hanscom, guestblogger at Barcepundit, was kind enough to link to us in a piece on anti-Israeli propaganda he wrote for FrontPage.

And Bob Skinner, guestblogging at Davids Medienkritik, points out what's wrong with the German media. (Point one: "they make stuff up.")

Guirilandia is maybe just a little bit harsh on the tourists; I'll agree many are regrettable, and parts of downtown do cater almost exclusively to tourism, but it lays golden eggs. And don't miss hard-boiled private dick Larry Kovacs's latest adventure on the seamy side of Barcelona.

La Liga Loca sniffs out dodginess at both Sevilla and Real Madrid, along with more Spanish football news.

Expat Yank finds a real Associated Press scoop on Al Qaeda, Israel, Spain, and Zap.

Fausta has two posts on Hugo Chavez, one on anti-Semitism in Venezuela and the other on Chavez's weapons shopping. With videos and everything!

Akaky is a gas.

Angie Schultz rounds up the current blogosphere controversies, you know, all these people sending out anonymous threats and the like. The Internet is just a tool, of course, and so it will be misused by some people for illegal, immoral, or just crazy purposes. This Deb Frisch sounds like a real barrel of laughs.

Roncesvalles reviews the Bush-Merkel "sexual harassment" incident at length.

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