Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday blog roundup while listening to the new Bruce Springsteen album, which I highly recommend:

Natalie Solent comments on a Normblog post on reinterpreting the Golden Rule.

The Rottweiler chews off the New York Times's leg, and PoliPundit does the same to the Boston Globe, owned by the NYT..

Barcepundit links to a video of a pro-Israel demonstrator being abused in Madrid. Fausta's Blog has the same video link, with further commentary.

Expat Yank takes apart a dense Times columnist using an old Looney Toons short as a comparison, and is nice enough to include a link to us. This is one of the most creative and most prolific blogs out there.

Free Will Blog has an extremely thorough post on Israel, Lebanon, the Geneva Conventions, Chirac, Kofi, and the Europeans in general. Highly recommended.

And Denis Boyles, at National Review, well, reviews biased coverage of the Middle East in the Europress, including the Guardian, the Independent, Le Monde, and the BBC.

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