Thursday, July 20, 2006

Zap and the Socialists have continued their disgraceful behavior toward Israel. The PSOE, along with the Communists and the two largest labor unions, CCOO and UGT, has called a demonstration for today at 7:30 PM in Madrid "as a rejection of the disproportionate Israeli military action in Lebanon and Gaza."

The demo will call for "an immediate cease of military action, since acts of war that question the legitimate aspirations and rights of the peoples that hope to live in peace and with dignity cannot be tolerated...There can never be a military solution to this conflict...With so many violations of international law, we are watching the unreason of a new violation of the Geneva Convention of the laws of war...The end of violence, obedience of international law, the lifting of collective punishments, and massive humanitarian aid for the peoples affected by this conflict." That is, they want to rub Israel's face in the mud and the US to pay for it.

Interestingly enough, PSOE gay activist Pedro Zerolo referred to "Bush, Blair, and Aznar's lies about Iraq" as justification for the demo, and called on PSOE minions to "struggle to defend the spirit of 'No to the War'." Of course, homosexuals are not persecuted in Israel, but they are hanged in Iran. Zerolo didn't mention that. Nor did he mention anything about terrorism or Hezbollah's bloody record.

Now, get this. Spanish Jewish leader Mauricio Hachuel became indignant at Zap's statements that Israel's attack was "disproportionate," and called it an "anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic statement."

Foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos, in the presence of Israeli ambassador to Spain Victor Harel, had the gall to lecture Hachuel, saying, "I will not tolerate as a member of the Spanish socialist government your publicly calling the prime minister anti-Semitic...The serious error that Jewish representatives commit many times is confusing criticisms with attitudes against the Jewish people...Let this be the last time that you publicly denounce, condemn, and express yourself in such a way about the anti-Semitism of a government of Spain." Moratinos also brushed off Zap's appearance with a Palestinian scarf, calling it "unimportant."

What unmitigated gall. Moratinos is not fit to be dogcatcher.

Zap and the PSOE are behaving irresponsibly, immorally, and stupidly. They are unworthy of governing a serious country that plays a genuine role in the world, because this kind of childishness demonstrates that they are only fit to carry placards at demonstrations. If they had any real power, they would tragically misuse it. Fortunately, they are impotent.

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