Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Smug, arrogant Guardian columnist Stephen Humphreys has a lovely piece on the recent Supreme Court Hamdan decision. I'll reproduce a few quotes from his piece.

For anyone who thinks the Bush administration deserves a slap - and that surely includes most of us outside the US - the supreme court's recent Hamdan decision sounds like just the tonic.

Ooh, yeth, Thtevie, thlap me too. It thounds tho thexy.

The US supreme court is the only institution standing between the violence of the most powerful government in the world and the rest of us.

Thtevie, do you realize the only reason why you're not the prime receptacle in Osama's harem right now is because the US, UK, and NATO are protecting you against it? Let me repeat that. There are fanatical people out there who want to enslave you, make you live under sharia law, force you to adhere to their religion, and they will kill you if you resist. Those are the people the United States and its allies are defending you against. The alleged human rights of a few hundred persons taken prisoner while bearing arms illegally in the service of the Islamist cause mean nothing to me. Those people want to enslave us or kill us. They must be confined or killed. I personally prefer confined, as I am in favor of killing as few people as possible.

Protecting you against the violence of the US government! The US government is protecting you against Islamist, Communist, anarchist, Fascist, nationalist, and every other kind of rampaging violence in the world. If you don't believe that, visit the Congo and see what life is like without that protection.

(I)n the dance between the powers of the US government, as each strives to increase its own reach against the other two, it is the three combined, the state itself, that wins.

Yeah, right, Thtevie. That's got to be the least convincing conclusion to an article I've seen this year. What the hell does it mean, anyway? I honestly have no clue.

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