Thursday, July 20, 2006

Look what I found on a blog linked by Barcelona Indymedia: photographs of the demonstration in Plaza Sant Jaume this evening. You can see the Israel Estat Genocida sign. They're very proud of themselves. Makes me want to cry.

Other signs read "Israelis, you bastards, you're killers," "Bush, Blair, Olmert, genociders," a cartoon showing an American fist driving an Israeli dagger into a globe, which is labeled "World Peace," "Freedom Palestine and Lebanon, solidarity with the oppressed peoples," and more bollocks.

Here's another set of demonstration photos. The most offensive sign is in English; shouldn't be hard to read.

And check out this poster by Barcelona Indymedia calling on people to demonstrate. The text reads:

Call for solidarity
Let's stop state terrorism!
More than 100 dead civilians
More than 300 wounded
We call on you to demonstrate in front of the embassies of Israel, the United States, and also UN offices
Organize campouts, meetings, and protests
Demand the end of Israeli aggression!
The youth of Lebanon
Besiege them as they besiege us!

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