Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Big media news today: Zap made his pre-inaugural speech in Congress; he didn't say anything new or different in an hour and a quarter, except that there will be "no water restrictions" in Catalonia this summer. Zap, I think that's up to God, or Neptune, or Ra, not you, at least as far as whether it's going to rain or not.

He is going to work toward "a climate of mutual respect" with the United States. Sorry, Zap, in order for mutual respect to exist, both sides have to do the respecting. You haven't been very good at that in the past. Remember the time you refused to stand up when the American flag passed by during the Armed Forces day parade? Or the time you publicly encouraged other members of the Coalition to pull out of Iraq? Or your craven undercutting of America's Cuba policy? Or your attempt to sell American weapons technology to Venezuela? It's time for you to learn that behaving like a two-year-old has consequences.

Other news: Esperanza Aguirre publicly hinted that she might stand against Rajoy for PP president at the party convention. I bet she doesn't. More perversion: They busted 24 people for running an enormous prostitute-trafficking ring all throughout Spain that victimized Russian women; sixty women have been detained and will presumably be deported.

Kansas won the NCAA basketball championship last night in what everybody says was a spectacular game. Rock Chalk Jayhawk, whatever that means. That's got to be one of the dumbest college chants in the country. This year has been by far KU's best ever in sports, what with the football team going 12-1 and finishing fourth in the country.

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