Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jesus. Get this one. Some guy in Santomera, Murcia, chopped off his mom's head with a samurai sword, and then carried it through town while kissing and talking to it. He had already served two prison sentences for violently abusing his mother, and there was a restraining order out on him that expired last August. Get this: The mother appeared on a trash-TV program back in 2001 because she was afraid of her son. Seems like everybody in Spain who suffers a tragic death has been on trash TV.

The psycho son has been locked up in a prison psychiatric unit. He is clearly as nutty as a turrón and should stay there for the rest of his life. And the judicial system did a terrible job of protecting the mother, since there was plenty of warning that something like this was going to happen. As usual.

Though Spain has a high property-crime rate, its violent crime rate is very low, among the lowest in Europe, and one-fifth that in the United States. That doesn't mean violent crime is non-existent, though. One more thing: If Mom had had a gun this might not have happened.


Lydia said...

If Mum had owned a gun he might have borrowed it from her to indulge his favourite pastime, too.

Anonymous said...

And no one took a cell phone photo of this?
Very disappointing.
No wonder they lost their empire.

Juan Galt said...

He killed her despite not having a gun. I know Europeans think that people can only be killed by guns, but clearly this is not the case.