Monday, April 14, 2008

In case you're interested, readership is up from an average of about 150 a day to about 200 since the layout change.

The last 100 visitors were from:

United States 42
Spain 34
United Kingdom 7
Germany 3
Belgium, France, Norway, Sweden, Canada 2
Hong Kong, Estonia, Taiwan, Colombia 1


Colin said...

John, I'm impressed. Please point me in the direction of the Idiots' Guide to RSS Feeds . . . .


John said...

You have one--I checked your blog. Blogger has an automatic connection now. It's an Atom feed, which is what I have too. From what I can tell Atom and RSS are the same thing.

My Blogger template hadn't been changed since 2002, and Blogger did a big system change a couple of years later, but I never bothered switching Iberian Notes over to the new template (now called layout) which includes the Atom feed. Until now.

And I certainly wasn't expecting any new readership out of it. I think what's happened is that regular readers are coming by more often.

One thing: When you post on a topic, see if La Vanguardia has a story on it. If so, link to that story, and then ping a website called Twingly, and La Vangua will give you a link on the same page as their story. That's brought in at least 10-15 visitors a day, I think.

Colin said...

Many thanks. I think I saw your ref. to La Vanguardia a short while ago. I know that around 25 fine folk are using Google Reader to get advice of my posts but am ignorant as to whether this is the same thing as Atom feed and RSS. I'll catch up one of these days. Cheers.