Thursday, April 03, 2008

Want some more free-floating anti-Americanism? Check out these pearls from La Vanguardia's reader comments section on the story about the NATO summit in Bucharest. Yes, I know that reader comments sections don't prove anything except for the ideology of the commenter himself, but it's interesting that of the 17 comments at this writing, 13 are anti-American. Check out a few of them.

NATO is an organism belonging to the White House warmongers in order to keep imposing their will and their interests on the world, thus creating tensions and problems and solving, in the long term, nothing, just leaving time bombs for the future.

Are these European political parties leading us toward independence? No. They're leading us toward the brink and towards vassalization. We and our families are the Yankees' real anti-missile screen. As an independent person, I refuse to support all these traitors of our freedom and our nation.

NATO was born, in theory, to protect Europe from the threats of the Soviet Union. The expansion of this American organization today has clear goals of colonialism and the spread of Yankee influence to the former states of the Warsaw Pact, thereby undermining the sovereignty of Europe itself. The dream of an independent Europe that functions at least internationally with one voice seems farther and farther away, and even Utopian. We are more and more Greek and they are more and more Roman.

How sad, when we could make our own way forward as a union, and what we do is take our pants down and rend homage to the Yankees. Anti-missile shield? Whose missiles? At what price? Under what command? What we are doing is allowing our enemy into our home and letting it govern us. Like the English who would follow the US to destruction if it were necessary. But now we have them inside the EEC (sic) blocking the wheels of the European project as much as they can.

While Latin America, little by little, is ceasing to be the US's "back yard," Europe is quickly becoming its "front yard." Requiescat in pace European autonomy. Europe, with its Frankenstein named NATO, is now the ideal instrument for the strengthening of the US's imperial ambitions.

They say the whole European elite is on Washington's payroll, including the leaders of the EU in Brussels, and before making decisions they consult with the Americans; therefore, nothing should surprise us or cause us to complain.

The problem is always the people. If the citizens support them. "Europe should stay united and safe." So what do the Yankees have to do with it? They come to tell us what to do. No.

"The 26 members of NATO have agreed to fully support the US anti-missile shield..." Or full obedience to the orders of the dirty Yankees? Yes, bwana, yes (sic). Servile until the end, these sepoys.* NATO exists to heat up the atmosphere, to foment cold wars and commit provocations. And, above all, to assure the power and the interests of Washington, among which arms sales is not the least.

(Professional) soldiers are the principal disease that must be extirpated from this world, and they are always an intrinsic part of the problems, deficits, and conflicts that our much-loved planet suffers from. Everything that does not mean the progressive dismanteling of all armies (legal and illegal) will be hypernegative and counterproductive for those of us who live on Earth. No NATO or soldiers or armies. They are the real problem!

It's for the fallen mercenaries for God and the Empire. An institution that does not respect international institutions like when they bombed Yugoslavia. Now they want us to buy into it in order to intervene wherever and whenever.

*"Sepoy" is the term used among pro-ETA circles to describe the Basque police, implying that they are mercenary traitors and collaborationists.

The last comment is pretty incoherent in Spanish, too.

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Anonymous said...

"Sipayos" is a common term of derision vs pro-Americans (and in other cases too) in Latin America.