Saturday, April 05, 2008

The PSOE has not taken Bush's complete lack of interest in talking to Zap very well. They apparently really thought Zap was going to get some face time at the Bucharest summit, and of course he didn't, so they are tossing a two-year-old's tantrum. Check out this bit from Fernando Onega's column on page 20 of La Vanguardia's print edition.

Being stood up

There's no explanation for why Zapatero is chasing after Bush. Very influential people believe that the prime minister should stop begging and start demanding. Do you know what they call the movements of American forces in Spain? "An open bar."* Every day there's a naval operation, and every hour, a plane takes off. And at Morón**, whatever they want. Zapatero has no need to tolerate such humiliation.

*"Barra libre" is Spanish for, approximately, "being a generous host and having advantage taken of you."
**Morón is an American naval base on Spain's south coast.

So Zap is steaming mad and feels terribly humiliated. Good. But he has no choice but to tolerate such humiliation, unless he wants to pull Spain out of NATO. Which he would like to do, but can't, and he knows it, so he has to swallow it and smile. I hope McCain gets elected and ignores Zap for four more years.


John and Mari said...

Actually, Morón is an USAF auxiliary air base (formerly an active USAF base) located approximately 65 kms south-east of Seville. I believe you may be referring to the Rota Naval base, located on the coast, at Rota, near Cadiz.

John & Mari

Anonymous said...

Of course. My error.

John said...

Duh. I managed to sign myself in as "Anonymous."

Anonymous said...

Why do you say the PSOE care so much about this? They don't care and there isn't a big fuss about this in the press.

Why do you make up this shit?

John said...

So I made up Mr. Onega's little comment in La Vanguardia? So I made up the PSOE press release that Zap would get face-time with Bush at Bucharest? So I made up the report, which made all the papers, that Bush had blown Zap off?

And why do you care what I say about the PSOE, anyway?