Saturday, April 05, 2008

Get this comment from La Vanguardia's comments section on the "American Mentality" piece:

I have been told that in some states in the USA, North Carolina, Virginia, and Mississipi (sic), man-hunting exists, they turn loose a prisoner and hunt him like a rabbit, the victims are usually marginalized, generally blacks and Hispanics, and they are hunted like deer, with dogs and big rifles, a lot of money is spent on these hunts, human life in that country is worth nothing.

You see what I mean about poisonous anti-Americanism? How can a semi-literate adult possibly believe that such a thing is true?


John Costello said...

Obviously he's been watching American movies. I can think of three like that in the last twenty years, including _Avenging Force_ (there might be more) most recently the one starring Steve Austin which I did not go to see.

Akaky said...

"I have been told..." By who, I wonder, and did it ever occur to this guy that the someone who gave him this little tidbit about modern American sports might not know his ass from his elbow? But why check when it so neatly confirms what you already think of Americans, I guess.

Anonymous said...

He is joking, I guess