Friday, April 11, 2008

The Times has a nice little weekend travel special about Barcelona. Pretty well done, though just a bit too enthusiastic, as most travel articles are. Their recommendations are mostly pretty good if you have money to spend, though to their credit they do mention a couple of budget places.

One criticism: The article doesn't mention street crime, of which there is plenty, mostly of the non-violent sort. Tourists coming here need to be aware that they are targets, especially in the Old City and anywhere else there are a lot of other tourists. If you keep an eye out and don't get sloppy drunk, you should be OK. And, racist as it may be to say so, stay away from groups of Moroccan teenagers wearing brand-name sports gear.

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JordiT said...

You're right, there are small gangs of young moroccans and some of them might try to steal some wallets, but they end up being clumsy if you're aware. However, my wallet was stolen 3 or 4 days ago, and it was robbed inside a small cafe by a well dressed and "european looking" man that got it from my pocket right after I paid from my lunch. The waiters had suspected from him days before, but he was too damn quick.