Saturday, April 05, 2008

Here's a wonderful case of Europeans just not getting it. One of La Vanguardia's readers sent in a photo of a sign he saw in Michigan. It reads, "No trespassing. Violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again."

Now, of course, that's a joke. Of course it's not legal to shoot trespassers, and it's even more illegal to shoot them twice. Whoever posted this sign is making an attempt at humor using hyperbole.

So check out our reader's commentary:

The American Mentality

A photograph of a sign I saw in the US. Specifically, outside a field near the highway uniting Detroit and Chicago.

A clear image of the fearful and aggressive American attitude. I wouldn't want to get lost there and ask to make a phone call.

So of course you've got to figure there will be some gems among the reader comments (though one commenter has twigged that it just might be a joke):

Most of them are exactly like that. Some of them are worse.

The curious thing is that they're proud of being like that. I don't understand how in the 21st century people still admire them, since they're disgusting.

The sign in this photo says a great deal about the cowboy (sic) mentality that plagues their society, and, unfortunately, we other countries allow them to export this aggressive mentality when they go out to save the world in their crusades to keep their petroleum and arms industry. The US could learn to be a little more civilized.

The US at the world level is still sacking, killing, and stealing all it wants to get rich. As the drunk Bush says GOD BLESS AMERICA. What bad people.

It's not a mentality, it's fear.

It's the civilization of death.

Although deniers of anti-Americanism claim that they merely dislike the government, it's pretty clear that these commenters despise both the society and the people of the United States.

And check out this last comment, apparently from a megalomaniac and poorly-educated Mexican holding a 150-year-old grudge:

If you only knew the truth: the Americans were 15 English colonies that stole Mexican territory (most of the north) along with the petroleum and gold we had. They're thieves, and they've always been associated with paganism. This is why Mexico is sunk, but that doesn't matter, we hope for a better Mexico, we're going to be the world's biggest power.

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