Monday, January 20, 2003

Here's today's Oscar (named after my cat. He's just over a year old, is slim and lithe, friendly, curious, and playful, very demanding and rather spoiled. He's jet-black with a tiny white "bowtie". His hobby is licking his nads) for America-bashing. Today it goes to nad-licker Oriol Pi de Cabanyes for his article, "Amen", in today's Vanguardia. I've only translated the first paragraph, since it's by far the best.

Some consider that Amen, the excellent Costa-Gavras film, is an attack against the Catholic Church. It isn't one. But the fact that there is a crusade against its prestige is evident. Above all, in the United States, where day after day the media continue their scandal-hyping regarding the alleged pederasty of some clerics. Who benefits? we should ask ourselves, in the old Roman style. In whose interest is it that the Catholic Church lose its capacity to influence in the world? In that of the most bellicose sectors of the American administration, that of the very influential Jewish business sector, that of the hard core of monopoly capitalism which, after the fall of the Wall, has been left with no real alternative in the world. And now that the Catholic Church is now almost the only hope of counterbalancing the voracity of unleashed capitalism, the solid alliance between Washington and the Vatican, formed in those not-so-long-ago times in which Lech Walesa and general Wojciech Jaruzelski played cat-and-mouse in Poland, goes and gets broken up.

It's in the interest of the very influential Jewish business sector in the United States to calumniate the Catholic Church? Someone call Simon Weisenthal or Elie Weisel to perform an emergency anti-Semitismectomy on this guy. And alleged, my ass. There have been some convictions in court, not to mention a public apology by and the resignation of Cardinal Law. There is a problem right now with boy-buggering priests in the American Church, and he who tries to cover it up or who declares that the problem does not exist is no friend of the Church. He who admits there is a problem and works to solve it is the truly faithful and loyal Catholic.

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