Tuesday, January 07, 2003

My pal Clark and I have been having an argument down there in the Comments section after I blasted Lula da Silva. Clark says, basically, that I shouldn't be so quick to make judgments and that I should give Lula a chance before criticizing him.

My real answer, I suppose, is that if Lula behaves in accordance with the way he's talked over the years, then he doesn't understand that democratic capitalism is the only system that really works. See, Francis Fukuyama was right. History, with a capital H, has come to an end. Remember, Fukuyama's a Hegelian and he believes in using dialectic. His definition of History is the dialectic process among the various forms of government--oligarchy, theocracy, monarchy, Communism, feudalism, mercantilism, anarchism, thugocracy, and the lot. Democratic capitalism has proven itself superior to all the rest; its last enemy standing, Communism, fell in 1991. Sure, there are states that have not accepted democratic capitalism, and states that have not been at it long enough to see the positive results, but it's really pretty easy to see that the successful countries in this world are all democratic capitalist. Also, among Third World countries, the closer they are to democratic capitalism, the better off they tend to be. I would say that democratic capitalism is a necessary but not sufficient condition for national success.

(History with a small h, the chronicle of the things that have happened, of course will continue for as long as the human race is alive.)

Lula da Silva is not a democratic capitalist. What he is, more than anything, is a Latin American populist union man and career politician. He likes Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro. All the Spanish idiots who always get everything wrong love him. His supporters are the usual suspects. That is all I need to know to be able to figure out that this guy is going to take Brazil down the good old nationalist-Socialist trail, and the Socialist trail leads to nowhere but disaster.

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