Friday, January 10, 2003

I saw my London Irish friend Murph last night. I went over to his house and we played with his kid, Patrick, who is three and a half. Patrick asked for a glass of wah-tuh, in his British accent. Murph, who was in the kitchen, didn't hear and I relayed the message, "Patrick wants a glass of wah-ter." Patrick spoke up and said, "No. Wah-tuh." Well, he was right according to his standards, so I didn't argue the point. Murph said that Patrick corrected his pronunciation once, too. Seems that Patrick was watching a Barney the Dinosaur video in which there appears a character named Bob, pronounced "Bahb" in American because, well, Barney's an American purple dinosaur. Murph made a reference to the character, saying something like "What's Bob ("Bawb" in British) doing now?" And Patrick replied, "Not 'Bawb'. 'Bahb'." So Barney the Dinosaur's pronunciation trumps Dad's. Murph claims to have explained that Barney just talks funny like John and Clark, but I bet Patrick remained unconvinced.

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