Friday, January 10, 2003

Jesús Gil, the most obnoxious owner ever of a Spanish soccer team, says on his blog, Atlético Rules, that the Fulton County alleged animal shelter in Atlanta has an 82% kill rate, meaning thousands of dead cats and dogs and other animals. Well, in Barcelona the animal shelter has gone no-kill (except for sick and dangerous animals). As a fellow host-city of the Olympic Games, Barcelona officially challenges Atlanta to measure up to our standard. If Atlanta can't do it, why not? Will Atlanta allow Barcelona to be superior? Fellow-bloggers and blog-readers concerned about animals--I mean people against unnecessary cruelty, conservationists, folks who respect animals, folks who want to do no unneeded harm--ought to write to the Atlanta city council and ask them why they can't do what Barcelona can do.

The mayor of Atlanta's e-mail is, so you can send her an e-mail. Her name is Shirley Franklin.

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