Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Well, the Pope's antiwar speech has made a big effect over here. It's getting a lot of play. I have a good deal of respect for the Pope, especially the part he played in the transformation of Poland, though of course I disagree with him on such measures as divorce and birth control. And we shouldn't forget that one of the Ten Commandments does say, effectively, "Thou shalt not kill". Of course, nobody's paid too much attention to it over the years. However, the Church also propagates the just war theory, and I can't think of too many wars more just than one that would get rid of Saddam Hussein. I also think that if the Pope wants to spread a general message of peace that's wonderful. That's his job. I am not so certain that the Pope should take the side of a dictator with bloody hands, which he effectively does when he says, "What is there to say about the threat of a war on the people of Iraq, the land of prophets, a people already in dire straits because of more than twelve years of embargo?...The peoples of the Earth sometimes have to have the courage to say no to death, to selfishness, and to war, which is never simply fate....The solution to the Middle Eastern crisis can never be imposed through terrorism or through armed conflict, in the false belief that the way out consists of military victory." I dunno, Mr. Wojytla. I think the first step on the way to solving the problem is to eliminate Saddam and his regime, and that the only way to achieve that is through military victory. Turning the other cheek is all very well, but Saddam is one of those guys who'll smack you on it if you do.

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