Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Ibidem, formerly known as Atlético Rules, at least to us, has changed URLs, to So go check it out. He's got a really nice-looking new site. Change your bookmarks.

You know, blog-naming is still inexact. Most blogrolls we're on list us as "Iberian Notes"; that's what InstaPundit does, and he's by far our biggest referrer. Some use "Inside Europe: Iberian Notes". A couple use "John and Antonio". We don't really care what blogname you use to link to us with; we're just happy to be linked to. I kind of like the "Inside Europe" part; it's a tribute to journalist John Gunther's first book. He wrote a whole series titled things like Inside Asia and Inside Latin America, and his most famous book is Inside U.S.A., a late-40s look at America which is still often considered the best book written on the 48-state United States. Gunther said that the only books whose titles he liked were Inside U.S.A. and Inside Europe, because those were places he felt he was an insider (he was a longtime foreign correspondent in Europe). He wanted to call the other books, for example, Outside Asia, since he considered himself "an outsider looking in" regarding the rest of the world. The book by Gunther that you're most likely to have seen is Death Be Not Proud, the story of his son who died of cancer.

Back to blognames. I still like "Atlético Rules" better than "Ibidem", but I will finally bow to the fact that Jesús Gil doesn't, since he's eliminated all reference to "Atlético Rules" except for a prominent link to Atlético's homepage in English. See, a blog is generally referred to either by its title, the name of its owner, or its URL, and "Atlético Rules" is no longer part of his URL, so I have no excuse to use it any longer.

By the way, in case you're wondering about Antonio, he hasn't contributed much since about mid-November. His mother's been in poor health and that takes up a lot of his free time. I see him once a week or so; last time was yesterday. He doesn't even read the blog except when he comes over here, since he doesn't have a computer at home. He's so reactionary on some aspects of modern life. He does have a cell phone, though, which is something I'm still holding out against. I suppose I'm cheating, since my wife Remei has a cell phone and we carry it whenever we go out of town in the car in case we break down or have an accident. I'd feel rather less secure without it, so I'm glad we have it for that purpose. Oh, yeah, for Jessica from Chloe and Pete, Antonio's very excited about the nickname, "The Sexy Scourgers." He says he can die happy now that an American girl has called him "sexy", but he regretfully points out that he just turned forty-nine. I personally think he looks rather distinguished; he's Mr. Clean, Neat, and Well-Dressed.

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