Friday, January 17, 2003

Just in case you were wondering, here's the link for Indymedia Barcelona. It's really quite puerile and the same old, same old, and my guess after looking at the contents is that it is run by squatters. Anyway, their big causes are: 1) freedom for 14 rioters going on trial for, well, rioting, at a far-left assault on a group of right-wingers celebrating the Día de la Raza (as Franco called what is often known in Spain as the Día de la Hispanidad; many Catalans prefer to call it the day of the Virgen del Pilar) on Oct. 12, 1999. They put on a pretty good riot in the Sants neighborhood, taking over several streets and wrecking what was wreckable along them--shop windows, phone booths, car windows, garbage containers. By the way, if you're looking for some idiotarians to boycott, the rioters have the support of actor / comedian Pepe Rubianes and rock musician Gerard Quintana, formerly of El Último de la Fila. 2) There's a squat that's being closed down. They're against it. I'm for it. 3) Some rioters got arrested in Valencia a while back. They want them turned loose. 4) They hail the first anniversary of the revolution in Argentina. Uh--what? 5) They oppose the anti-Chávez strikes in Venezuela. 6) They urge support for Nunca Máis, the Bloque Nacionalista Gallego anti-government "environmentalist" front group.

Pretty standard lefty crap, though their actions seem to focus most on their activists who have been locked up and on their own lifestyle as squatters. That is, their goals are really selfish. They want to live the way they want to live and do the things they want to do without interference from anyone but with government subsidies whenever they can get them (e.g. they constantly solicit municipal subsidies on the ground their squats are youth centers (casals de joves). I have no problem with their living the way they want to live as long as they pay rent just like everybody else, which they don't, and obey municipal ordnances related to such things as hygiene, safety standards, running open bars without a license, and not making too much of a racket after three in the morning, which they don't, and avoid interfering with other people's rights (e.g. by not painting graffiti on all the walls, by not occasionally trashing a bank branch or a phone booth, by not holding demonstrations that are both aggressive in manner and without municipal permits, and by not occasionally intimidating the locals), which they don't.

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