Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Jordi Solé Tura, an ex-Commie who went over to the Socialists and is currently a senator, which doesn't really mean anything, has an op-ed in today's El País. Its title is "United States: from the old to the new winning of the West." Here goes. I've taken the liberty of editing it down a little.

dirty and disgusting bla bla bla papier-mache soldiers yak yak yak our government a bunch of second-rate butlers woof woof woof american government does whatever it wants yap yap yap brain spasm duh duh duh our prime minister says yes yes ok ok burp burp burp treat us like messenger boys doink doink doink head is spinning can't focus ralph ralph ralph who will grab the world's oil jaw jaw jaw the world is in the hands of a few whine whine whine iraq iran oil yip yip yip iraq world's second biggest oil well drool drool drool what's that hammering in my skull slurp slurp slurp the feared condoleeza rice yada yada yada a puppet government in baghdad nyah nyah nyah oil in the hands of american multinationals yip yip yip turn the country into tribal warfare waah waah waah lights in my head go off and on gab gab gab american penetration of former soviet zone snif snif snif russians control drug market america controls oil market division of labor yak yak yak slap in spain's face bla bla bla i'll call my dad he's bigger than yours duh duh duh humiliation for spain jaw jaw jaw american weapons of mass destruction nah nah nah america only boss of world yap yap yap economic social cultural waah waah waah europe a factor of sensibility against rudimentary american thinking bawk bawk bawk china and other countries can put on the brakes yada yada yada insane american pressure honk honk honk i'll show you mine if you show me yours dorf dorf dorf new ferocious conquest of old and new west.

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