Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Catalunya TV is now running a talk show which has as guests Anna Balletbó and Maruja Torres, who are Eulàlia Solé and Remei Margarit clones: stupid, loudmouthed women. I have no problem with loud women as long as they're not stupid. Women involved in Catalan politics, however, and especially in Catalan journalism, are universally morons. I challenge readers to name one who isn't.

I guess that isn't fair. The men aren't any more intelligent, though they generally have better manners. There are, however, several bright Catalan men.

Anna and Maruja, anyway, went on a long tirade about how the Americans were occupiers, not liberators, and about how the whole scene of pulling down the statue was choreographed by the Yankees, and how the gringos may have won the war but can never win the peace, and Palestine and Palestine and Palestine. They're just furious. I chortled to see their worked-up, twisted faces spitting blind hate.

All you "No a la guerra" people, now hear this. YOU HAVE LOST. For all your whining, the war happened and now is almost over and we won. And the Iraqi people won. And the world is a good bit safer, and the air seems just a bit cleaner somehow. And you, you hypocrites who care nothing about the Iraqis but will jump on any anti-American bandwagon rolling down the turnpike, you have been shown for what you are. Sad, pathetic people whose idea of morality is to shout arrogant and aggressive slogans and bang your pots and pans. You are no more moral than anybody else--in fact, you're much less so, because you allowed your hate for the United States to come first when you chose up sides in this here War against Terrorism. You chose the terrorists. You are morally bankrupt.

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