Monday, April 07, 2003

FC Barcelona plays Juventus of Turin this week. Remember, Barcelona is the only soccer team in the world that has publicly joined the anti-American protests and it accepted 300,000 euros from Qadafi's son's soccer team to play a friendly match just last week. Qadafi's son himself owns 7.5% of Juventus. It is morally unacceptable to root for either of these two teams. I therefore hope all the players get non-fatally injured (they volunteered to play for the disgusting clubs that they play for, so any consequences are their own fault), that it rains like hell all night and soaks the horrible fans that cheer for these two horrible clubs, that something non-fatal but really obnoxious happens that gets Juventus's stadium closed for the rest of the season, and that the Barcelona players hold an orgy after the game like they allegedly did last year in Madrid and all catch the clap from the call girls they hire.

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