Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Here's a link to a red-meat story from FrontPage on "Peace Studies" courses of study at American universities. The article's pretty much what you'd expect, a lambasting of the university Socialist cadres. What I would like to know is what employer would hire someone with a degree in Peace Studies as opposed to, say, something useful like business administration or engineering or computer science, or a solid liberal arts degree in something like philosophy or history or English lit. Probably Greenpeace.

Here's a piece from the Weekly Standard by a reporter who's gone out with the Yanks on a peacekeeping patrol. I like the part where they get a call over the radio asking for advice because the lions at the zoo have gotten out and one of them ate a horse and the zookeeper has fled and won't come back while the lions are still loose. The guys at the zoo don't want to shoot the lions but this horse incident has got them a bit shaken up, it seems. Well, horses are valuable in a country like Iraq, and we can't have a bunch of huge pussycats going around eating them, much less snacking on the citizenry. I bet there's somebody among the troops who knows how to use a lasso--got to be at least one amateur rodeo cowboy among that lot--and I'd get him and tell him to throw at the lions' back legs. We'd be ready to shoot if he missed and the lion attacked, of course. If you've got their back legs tied up you ought to be able to drag them back into their cages.

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