Monday, April 14, 2003

Well, in case you folks are interested, today is April 14, 2003. We've been blogging for about fourteen months now; we started off on February 8, 2002, over on the old Homestead site, and we came over here to Blogger in October 2002. Antonio dropped out of the blog around that time, though his spirit is still with us. When Iberian Notes got started (we were using the name Spanglolink--get it? Spain? Anglo? Link? This is what happens when you listen to Murph's suggestions. Perry deHavilland from Samizdata politely informed us that the name sucked. He was right), we were getting ten or twenty page views a day. Now we're getting 300-500 a day, and we're likely to get more than 15,000 page views for the month of April. Also, we've helped to found another popular blog, EuroPundits.

Anyway, the official Iberian Notes birthday was April 11; your chronicler turned 37 though he doesn't look a day over, say, 35, his age when he started this thing. (Hint.) So, in case you're wondering, I've set up a wish list over at Amazon. (Hint. Hint.) It's not hard to do at all; just CLICK HERE. (Hint. Hint. Hint.)

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