Friday, April 11, 2003

Unsurprising Anti-American Memes in Today's Vanguardia:

1) The Yanks got away with killing a lot of Iraqis in Gulf War I. (A. Abián, p. 2)
2) The poor Iraqi soldiers were innocent victims. (Ibid.)
3) The Yanks promised the Turks that the Kurds would be kept down, and they Welshed on the deal. (M. Josa, p. 3)
4) The Yanks might let the Turks grab the oil in Iraqi Kurdistan. (Ibid., p. 4.)
5) The Turks are under Yank orders. (Ibid.)
6) The Yanks are letting the Iraqis sack and pillage Baghdad. (T. Alcoverro, p. 4.)
7) Little Ali's arms haven't grown back on yet. (Ibid.)
8) The same people who are looting Baghdad are the victims of the looting. (Ibid.)
9) The American occupation of Baghdad is humiliating to the Iraqis. (Ibid.)
10) The Yanks are losers because they haven't captured Saddam. (Staff, p. 6.)
11) The Yanks are going to pay Spain off for their support. (X. Batalla, p. 6)
12) The perfidious Yanks may try to weasel out of paying Spain off. (Ibid.)
13) Tony Blair isn't really allied with the Yanks. (R. Ramos, p. 8.)

Aw, hell, I've had enough for now. I'll come back later and pick things up starting with Baghdad Bob on page 10!

UPDATE: Here we go with Bob "Iraqi resistance stopped the tanks" Fisk!

14) The naive Americans imagine they have "liberated" Baghdad.
15) Allowing the looting is a violation of the Geneva Convention.
16) Since the Iraqi leadership had such offensively bad taste in palace furniture, defeating them was nothing to be proud of.
17) The new government will have no legitimacy because its foundation is based on looting.
18) The army of "liberation" is really an army of occupation.
19) American soldiers are mean because they search Iraqis for, like, guns and bombs.
20) The Yanks are still killing innocent civilians.
21) The Yanks are not doing a good job clearing dead people out of the streets.

Bob is just bent out of shape because of all this looting. I don't ever remember him getting all indignant over anything the Americans aren't somehow involved in. But if he can blame even a minor sin on the Yanks--like benign negligence while a repressed people explodes in its first two days of freedom--somehow it instantly becomes the epitome of evil.

YOU LOST, BOB! YOU'RE FINISHED! What respectable newspaper will hire you, now that you've proved to the world what a lazy, one-sided, and just not very smart reporter you are? HA HA HA HA HA HA--oops, sorry, I just spit out my drink, I'm laughing so hard. BOYCOTT THE INDEPENDENT! DOWN WITH THE BRITISH DR. GOEBBELS! Chortle, chortle...

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