Monday, April 14, 2003

Cinderella Bloggerfeller has a new Remei Margarit translation up on EuroPundits! I find I understand Remei Margarit best when I don't take my antidepressants and then smoke a joint. That puts me in the appropriate state of manic-depressive paranoia that Mrs. Margarit seems to inhabit. My theory is that mutual comprehension is state-dependent. Do not try this at home. There are also some very fine posts up by The Radical and Nelson Ascher. So go check them out!

And a million thanks to the lovely, talented, and operatic Mrs. Sasha Castel for doing what she can to fix the EuroPundits template. It's already a functioning blog now that Sasha's given it a good going-over. So if you find EuroPundits to be like, legible, send at least one or two mental "thank yous" to her.

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