Thursday, April 10, 2003

Here's Baltasar Porcel!

There are so many absurdities in this war that, forcibly, we must deal with new realities that we have not yet codified. So can Bush himself be as closed-minded, petulant, reactionary, and ignorant as he appears, along with Rumsfeld and Rice? Maybe we should look at it from another angle: they're making war in order to make America the eternal world superpower and therefore need to ostentatiously kill not a bestialized tyrant, but a great many civilians, and meanwhile beat up on an entire country, while demonstrating that Europe is either a little lamb at their orders or a bunch of weak loudmouths. At the same time, Washington takes over all sources of energy, which it will control at its pleasure, while it shows how the Yankee people, isolated and robotized, makes up an obedient and robotic mass that, armed to the teeth, has no rivals.

Naturally, with the Twin Towers, a real hecatomb that nobody would have imagined despite the fact that it had been suggested in both movies and novels, the exact nature of inconquerable horror was put to the test. That's why it was the tipping point between the "old" and new United States, it is possible that Rice, Bush, Rumsfeld, who weren't in office because something like that was expected, who were mere members of a conservative and simplistic tendency, have become the instruments of a historic leap, of a very profound objective. People like Powell, of a superior level of intelligence, have also participated. And this ambition, or according to them the necessity, of the great leap is not new in history, in the 20th century Lenin and his followers thought like that, and they went very far in the attempt, or Hitler. George W. Bush wouldn't have lost his head like that, he'd have inagurated the era of the planetary empire.

Wow. That's a wild one. If I understand it, and I'm not sure I do, since Remei and I tried to decipher it for at least ten minutes, and decided we had other things to do like sit around and watch the news, then Porcel is comparing Bush to Lenin and Hitler--except Bush has done a better job!

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