Saturday, April 05, 2003

Catalunya TV is reporting that Pasqual Maragall, jerk, Catalan Socialist leader, and ex-mayor of Barcelona, has spouted off again. This time he compared Prime Minister José María Aznar with Hermann Goering. Now, that seems a bit excessive to us, but, you know, comparing Goering and Maragall doesn't seem at all unreasonable. Let's try it.


POLITICAL AFFILIATION National Socialist Party Catalan Socialist Party

ATTITUDE TOWARD ART Stole thousands of great works Subsidized thousands of dreadful works

NEVER MANAGED TO Beat the RAF Beat Jordi Pujol

WHY FEARED AND HATED Brutal police gave out beatings Lazy police gave out parking tickets

ARCHITECTURAL FEATS Built huge ugly Neoclassical stuff Built huge ugly postmodern stuff

FATE OF SAID FEATS Blown up by Allied bombs, 1945 To be blown up by demolition squad, c. 2020

ATTITUDE TOWARD AMERICA Hostile, violent Hostile, condescending

SPORTS APOTHEOSIS Tacky 1936 Berlin Olympics Very tacky 1992 Barcelona Olympics

WIFE Hot Swedish aristocracy babe Non-hot Catalan bourgeois non-babe

DRUG OF CHOICE Morphine Alcohol

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