Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Well, we got slightly over 13,000 page views during March, more than 2000 more than in February. In case you were wondering, the websites that we've gotten the most hits from are, in order, InstaPundit (source of half our visitors), Andrew Sullivan, Bite the Wax Tadpole, Samizdata, Amiland, Ibidem, No Replacement for Displacement, Baltic Blog, EuroPundits, PejmanPundit, Cinderella Bloggerfeller, Travelling Shoes, Dr. Weevil, and Belligerent Bunny Blog. The most popular bits were, in order, the one on Susan Sontag, the one on the Goya film awards, the one on dumb stuff people believe, "You Know You're an Old European", the very recent one on the rioting in Barcelona, and the one on my, uh, television debut.

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