Monday, April 07, 2003

OK. I wrote to Libertad Digital (an excellent on-line news site in Spanish. It's conservative in its perspective, but generally pretty reasonable; the only weird stuff on there is that they have something against the Masons--there was something wacky about the Masons and the Trilateral Commission a few days ago), El País, ABC (the Madrid-Sevilla newspaper), La Razón, and the COPE radio network about our friend Màrius Serra. Let's see what happens.

In case you want to write to Josep María Casasús, the Vanguardia's ombudsman, about what you think of Mr. Serra and his "article", his e-mail address is His telephone number (it's printed in the Sunday paper) is 93-481-23-38 if you have some late-night minutes to use up. The telephone code for Spain is 34. Please be polite. If you don't know Spanish, use English. They'll figure it out.

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