Friday, March 14, 2008

La Vanguardia gives its back-page interview to Seymour Hersh today. Get this.

The danger and the plan (to attack Iran) exist. Right now, Cheney, who makes the decisions, is being pressured by Barak, the Israeli minister of defense, a very smart guy, to bomb Iran before the elections because Israel and the American Jewish lobby are terrified of Obama, who might win, because they can't buy Obama! Because Obama gets his funds from thousands of small donations on the Internet. This is a revolution and it gives him enormous freedom, which the Clintons don't have. Hillary gets her money above all from the American Jewish lobby, which is why she is so tough and pro-Israeli in the Middle East, but they can't buy Obama because he doesn't need them. This makes Barak, his hawks, and the whole Jewish lobby very nervous...

The Republicans know how to campaign. And we'll see what happens. Soon they'll concentrate all their fire on one target: Obama is black, but that's not the problem. His problem is that he's a Muslim. (Interviewer: That isn't clear and he says it's not true.) It is his weak point that could finish him off: a Muslim means an enemy of the Christians and the Jews at the same time.
One of two things happened here. Either someone did a dreadful translation, or Mr. Seymour Hersh is completely insane.

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