Monday, March 03, 2008

Second round: Social policy.

Zap talks about law financing care of dependents, something his government did pass that I support. More promises about day care and the like. Rajoy's ironic, says there was no dependent care or education before Zap, says his daycare stuff is bogus. Rajoy says good economy is necessary for social programs. Now he's pounding on immigration and Zap's amnesty. Rajoy is going for the knockout, he's attacking, and he's repeating his points well. Here goes Zap again about Rajoy's first question in Congress. This time Rajoy's interrupting Zap, rather than vice versa like last time. Zap's talking about arriving at agreements among employers and unions and social dialogue. He wants to reduce labor accidents and create lots of new jobs.

Here goes Rajoy on immigration--says Zap consulted with nobody. He's on message. Repeating words "order and control." Rajoy's in favor of the dependents law too and wants women working outside the home too. Accuses Zap of not knowing his facts. Now education, kids have no respect and learn nothing. Keeps repeating Zap is causing problems for the citizens. Zap says he will fight illegal immigration. Doesn't seem like he's done much about it. Claims illegals are being repatriated. Says he's spending billions of euros integrating them, which is a hanging curveball. Rajoy: Kick out criminals and no more amnesties. Suggests a guest-worker program.

Rajoy's lowered the boom: he's got a quote from Zap four years ago saying the immigration situation was intolerable then. Zap says PP legalized one million immigrants in eight years. Rajoy comes back saying that immigrants got amnistied with a deportation order as proof of residence. Zap is looking angry and nervous. Rajoy quotes the EU saying Zap's immigration program sucks.

Second round to Rajoy.

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