Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Reports from the Anglosphere press on the Spanish election:

The Independent says Zap is slightly ahead but the electorate is unexcited, in an article datelined today.

Reuters says that the slowing economy hurts Zap's chances. It also has a longer piece by the same reporter from a few days before.

The Times has a leader saying that the economy's bad, but Zap will probably win because the PP's done a poor job.

Newsweek has a long piece saying the economy's going downhill and both candidates are weak.

The Guardian has a piece on the first Zap-Rajoy debate, saying the main issues were the economy and immigration. Here's a profile of Zap, here's one of Rajoy, and here's a question-and-answer on the main issues, all by the same reporter.

Credit Suisse has a business news website; they interview their Spain analyst on the election and the economy.

Dow Jones has a piece on the economy and the election, as well.

The Economist says the candidates are making too many promises.

Here's the Financial Times column that Rajoy cited in the last debate.

The AP accuses the two candidates of bickering.

And, in case anyone's interested, here's the World Socialist Web Site's take.

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