Sunday, March 09, 2008

They announced that voter turnout at 2 PM was 40.1% of the total eligible, just below turnout at the same time in 2004. In Catalonia it was 39.3%, and in Andalusia it was under 40% as well. Everyone says a high turnout favors the PSOE, and in 2004 it was an exceptionally high 77% at the end of the day. The regions with the highest turnout so far today are the PP strongholds of Valencia and Murcia, though, both over 45%.

When Remei went to vote she saw Barcelona's Cataloony-Green-Commie first couple, Joan Saura and Imma Mayol, who live on our street and vote at the same polling place.

La Vanguardia says there are seats completely up for grabs in sixteen provinces that may be decided by a few hundred votes or less.

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