Monday, March 03, 2008

Round Four: "Institutional policy."

Zap starts off, saying that regional inequalities have declined. His graphs are hard to see. He's going to build lots of freeways. Cooperation and dialogue. Gender violence, health care, education. Rajoy goes back to the first question in Congress. He should drop that. Rajoy says Zap is taking credit for things the PP did, and he's on the damn water plan again. The Catalan statute and negotiating with ETA were Zap's two big mistakes. Says Zap radicalized regional nationalist parties.

Zap's trying to go back to building train lines and freeways. Talks about consensus and cooperation. Says the PSOE is always willing to negotiate. He's against attacking any Spanish region. Rajoy: Your clownishness is a greater aggression to Catalonia than my words. You didn't start any projects, you're taking credit for ours. You have a problem in Catalonia with Esquerra. Reads a letter on discrimination against Spanish speakers. Zap's talking about his subsidies to Andalusia, now says Rajoy pits citizens against one another. Zap is appealing to his two big vote bases, Andalusia and Catalonia. Zap is trying to nail down the rest of the country. Zap calls Rajoy two-faced and opportunistic.

Rajoy: Zap supports fines for people who get caught putting up signs in Spanish. Wants kids to study Spanish in schools. Now he's calling Zap wishy-washy on the Catalan statute, said Zap lied to Mas. Zap accuses Rajoy of pitting Catalans against other Spaniards again. Rajoy now in favor of dialogue that includes everybody. Says the regions are important but so is the central government.

Round four to Rajoy. It's not a knockout yet but he's winning clearly.

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