Monday, March 03, 2008

Time for the big debate. We're all sitting on the edges of our seats. Remei is pissed off because she wants to watch "CSI." I took a pee and got a beer. This one will follow the same format as the last one, except this time Zap gets first crack.

Zap starts. He's going to continue having the economy grow, though he doesn't explain how. Sustainable development, against world poverty and climate change. Lots of big words and little content. Everyone will have more rights and Spain will be united. He wants a debate of ideas and proposals--his research shows that the sniping in the last debate didn't go over well, I guess.

Rajoy's going to talk about the future too. He's on the attack now. He's against unemployment and inflation. He looks tougher and more confident than last time. "You're not better off than four years ago." Now on to immigration. Order and control. Mildly xenophobic. Blasts separatists, Catalan statute. Educational system sucks, crime rising, housing prices up. Zap negotiated with ETA.

Intro statement to Rajoy.

Round one: The economy.

Zap blames the world economy, says he's going to raise spending, public housing, jobs for unemployed construction workers. He's going through all his promises. This isn't going that well, we've heard it before. Attacks Rajoy for alarmism. Rajoy comes back: Real per capita income down. Inflation is bad. Rajoy quotes the increases in price of milk, etc. This must have gone over well last time. Rajoy quotes the Financial Times saying the economy is crashing. Zap claims that Spain's passed Italy again. Accuses Rajoy of demagoguery with inflation. Now he's quoting some stats of his own.

Rajoy says Zap has no plans to fight inflation. This time he's got some good graphs and is showing them to the camera correctly: prices up, unemployment up. Accuses Zap of doing nothing, entertaining himself with Alliance of Civs, historical memory law. Zap promises more jobs, especially for women, and higher pensions. Will raise minimum wage 30 percent. Doesn't explain where money is coming from. Zap talked about the distribution of wealth again, and Rajoy's saying under Zap difference between rich and poor increased. He promises to cut taxes, income and corporate income tax, reduce bureaucracy. Now Zap's arguing about the first question Rajoy asked him again, this won't go over. Rajoy says Zap ignored the economy and lived off the PP govt's good results. Now he's whacked Zap on Endesa.

First round to Rajoy.

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