Monday, March 03, 2008

Round Five: The future.

Zap brings up education again, which I would not do. Wants to spend more money on it. Promises everyone will learn English and that he'll send kids to England with scholarships. Rajoy says the educational system sucks and it's Zap's fault because he overturned the PP's educational policy. Accuses Zap of being full of hot air about English. Says kids move up without passing their courses and that teachers get no respect. Says Zap talks about ethics classes while forgetting about technology. Blasts Zap on housing real quick. Zap says it's not fair to compare Spain with other countries because we started out less developed. Now he says let's spend more money. Accuses Rajoy of allowing land prices to go up 500%. Talks about building more public housing. Zap really is talking tax and spend, tax and spend.

Rajoy on the attack again, on housing prices once more. He is staying on message very well. Zap looks negative and angry; he's looking down and frowning. Rajoy's graphs are a lot better. He sure calls Zap a liar an awful lot. Back to education. Says Zap's done nothing. Zap on public housing again, now back to education, saying we're behind because we were poor and now we're catching up. If we spend more money. Takes credit for increase of Internet use. Renewable energy. Stem cell research. Rajoy smacks him one, saying we're behind Estonia in education too. Says Zap talks big and does nothing. Repeats that Zap has taken credit for PP projects. Rajoy wants more demanding school system, says he's willing to spend more but wants results.

Zap goes to climate change, wants to use alternative energy. Promises lots more water for everyone. Rajoy slams Zap for spending less on infrastructure. Now he's back to the damn water plan. Says Zap's done nothing.

Round five to Rajoy. He's organized, Zap is not, and Zap's on the defense.

Closing speech: Zap thanks Spanish people. He's committed to putting an end to all discrimination, especially against women, and he wants sustainable development. He's committed to defending peace and respecting diversity. He will govern with sensitivity. Oh, God, he said "Good night and good luck" again. Rajoy: Realism and unity and consensus. Says he wants everyone to be equal, all citizens must be equal. ETA must be defeated. Wants to spend more on health care. Overusing word "capital," meaning very important. Social programs important, but economy is more so because no economy, no social spending. Spain must be unified. Goes back to his dumb example from last debate about the little girl who he wants to govern for. Minus one point for that.

Verdict: Zap goes the distance but it's a unanimous decision to Rajoy. Zap took several hard punches, but no single knockout blow. This debate will convince some of the undecided, but probably won't bring over anybody committed.

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