Monday, March 03, 2008

Round three: Security and foreign policy.

Zap starts off, says PSOE will support any party in antiterrorist struggle. Zap's looking around for his stats, he's not prepared. Says Spain's crime rate is low, which is true, and that he'll hire more cops and fight domestic violence and drugs in schools. Zap is lousy at being specific. Rajoy says he'll support any government that doesn't negotiate with terrorists. Blasts Zap's ETA policy, claims he lied to Rajoy himself, the congress and the people. Says Zap didn't consult with anybody.

Zap's mad. Of course he's on the Iraq war, says pulling out troops was his first decision. He promises no soldiers will leave Spain for an illegal war. Rajoy's got Zap in a contradiction, quoting him saying that an Iraq pullout would cause a disaster in 2003. Rajoy on attack, saying Zap forgot Lebanon and Afghanistan, Zap's interrupting him. Zap is really mad. Rajoy's interrupting him now. Zap mentioned March 11, now he's getting personal. Rajoy: What we did after March 11 was arrest the perpetrators. He's back on it: You lied to the Spanish people about the PCTV, De Juana Chaos, Otegi, the T-4 bombing. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Zap: I never lied. You are guilty of misleading the people about who did the March 11 bombing. Rajoy: You kept negotiating with ETA after promising you wouldn't.

Round Three is a draw. Both sides landed blows. So far Rajoy is winning pretty solidly.

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