Sunday, March 09, 2008

TV3 is leading with the report that at 6 PM voter participation in Spain was 61%, two percentage points below the last election in 2004, and that in Catalonia turnout is five points below 2004. This would seem to favor the PP, since Catalonia is a Socialist stronghold.

Looks like the Socialists may have lost some votes to abstention here, probably due to the list of fiascos they've been blamed for around here. People here in Gracia are still mad about the blackout last summer, and they blame the city and regional governments, in Socialist hands.

Turnout in the other Socialist stronghold, Andalusia, is 3.6 points below 2004.

Meanwhile, the regions with turnouts above 2004 are PP territory: Madrid and Valencia.

Here in Catalonia, turnout is especially low in the three outer provinces, which are CiU's home ground, so things don't look good for them.

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