Friday, March 12, 2004

199 people are dead from 11 countries. I made a mistake before; many bodies, more than 70, have not yet been identified.

Zap, Ibarretxe, Carod, Jose Blanco (the Madrid Socialist party boss), and that lot are all accusing Prime Minister Aznar and the People's Party of holding back information and not telling the citizenry all they know. Without the slightest lick of evidence, of course. Aznar was forced to go on TV and rotundly deny such absurd and baseless allegations.

Gaspar Llamazares, the scum who is the leader of the Communists, has called upon all Communists and "people of the left" to carry "No to the war" signs at the official anti-terrorist demonstrations to be scheduled for seven o'clock this afternoon. Of course I am repulsed and horrified by the Madrid bombings, in case you hadn't noticed. But I will not participate in a demonstration that is supposed to be against terrorism which the Communists are going to hijack to broadcast their puerile anti-Americanism, and I will not participate in a demonstration that is going to be manipulated by the same crew of leftists as always for their own electoral purposes. So I'll be watching it on TV and, I suppose, blogging it.

According to TV 3, the Corriere della Sera is reporting that a group of some 80 Basque terrorists made their way to Iraq after May 20, 2003, in order to join the Saddamite resistance. Most of them have left, but some have stayed under the cover of NGO workers. Two of them were those arrested in Cuenca with more than 500 kilos of explosives. If this is true, and I want to see a lot of evidence that it is before I believe it, then ETA is a full member, and one in good standing, of the Terror International.

Trevor from Kaleboel has a pretty shocking photograph you ought to check out, which shows how stupid the local high school kids are. He's also got a link to this article from the Guardian, which is a pretty good analysis piece that ought to answer a good few of the questions you might have.

Josep Lluis Carod-Rovira, a notable piece of dogshit in human form and leader of Esquerra Republicana, the Catalan independentistas, had this to say, according to Libertad Digital:

In the climate of mistrust, Carod-Rovira has taken advantage of the opportunity to make accusations: "Aznar," he emphasized, "is leaving the Government with 200 dead and more than 1400 wounded. His Government has not been capable, either in international politics or within the state, to take adequate measures so that within its territory one can live tranquilly, safely, at peace, and with basic freedoms guaranteed."

At a press conference, according to the Europa Press agency, the secretary-general of Esquerra Republicana said that the Government is "holding back and covering up information" about the Madrid bombings, and he demanded that the Executive make clear to the citizens before the elections whehter Al Qaeda perpetrated the massacre. In Carod's opinion, the only objective of the Government is "not to modify the line of argumentation of its campaign one millimeter." To Carod, maintaining the line of investigation regarding ETA seems to be an attempt to "continue the media punishment and political criminalization of democratic Basque nationalism and of ourselves as a peaceful independentista option."

Wait a minute. If I get this right, Carod is saying that the Government is investigating ETA involvement in the Madrid massacre in order to screw him and his party over personally. This is paranoia, self-victimization, and conspiracy-mindedness to an extreme degree. Carod and his followers are literally mentally ill.

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