Thursday, March 11, 2004

Interior Minister Angel Acebes just gave a press conference. He stated that there were at least 173 dead and some 600 injured. There were 13 bombs; 3 went off at Atocha, 4 in the neighborhood of the Calle Tellez, one at Santa Eugenia, and 2 at El Pozo. 3 booby traps were disactivated by the bomb squad. In response to a direct question, Acebes placed the responsibility on ETA. He pointed out that ETA frequently acts without warning and does not usually immediately claim responsibility. Evil scum Arnaldo Otegui, the "leader" of ETA's political branch, Batasuna or whatever they call themselves now, made a speech in which he denied ETA responsibility and blamed some unnamed Islamic group, a strategy which Acebes termed "miserable".

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