Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Since we're reproducing lists from La Vanguardia today, here's another couple. When looking through these lists, think about this: Where do you think those surveyed are getting their ideas from? Home, school, their peer group, the media, church (ha, ha)? What sort of society produces this set of opinions?

This survey was done more than a year ago by the Barcelona city government. Don't ask me why it took them so long to release it. Those surveyed are "Barcelona young people" between the ages of 15 and 29.

The first question is, "How much confidence (trust) do you have in the following institutions?" The percentages of those who answered "a lot" or "quite a bit" are as follows:

Family 95%
University 79%
NGOs 60%
City government 53%
European Union 45%
Regional government 41%
Catalan parliament 40%
Police 39%
Press 36%
United Nations 34%
Courts 33%
Banks 33%
Monarchy 28%
Spanish parliament 27%
Army 26%
Unions 26%
Central government 23%
NATO 21%
Television 19%
Catholic church 18%
Political parties 10%
US President 7%

Question number two is "How much do you agree with the following concepts?" Not very well-phrased, I don't think. The numbers are those who agree very much or agree quite a bit.

Sexual freedom 93%
Artificial insemination 85%
Disarmament 80%
"Traditions" (presumably castells, sardanas, etc.) 80%
Private property 77%
Homosexuality 75%
Euthanasia 74%
Decriminalization of abortion 73%
European Union 71%
Decriminalization of cannabis 60%
Socialism 59%
Feminism 54%
Catalan autonomy 53%
Nationalism (presumably Catalan) 38%
Catalan independence 33%
Federalism 30%
Capitalism 28%
Communism 27%
Decriminalization of all drugs 22%
Nuclear energy 19%
Death penalty 16%
Human cloning 14%

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