Thursday, March 11, 2004

There are some semi-official statements being made. The official provisional death count is 62, but the Tele 5 reporter says he can see several bodies inside or near the train that the police are leaving alone, either because they suspect another bomb or because they are giving all their attention to the living.

Well, they've shown the dead-body pictures, and damn, are they grim. Not much is being hidden from our eyes.

The bombs went off between 7:40 and 7:45 Madrid time. There were four: one on a train that went off at the El Pozo commuter station, another on a train that went off at the Santa Eugenia commuter station, a third on a train that went off at the Atocha commuter station, and a fourth on platform 2 at the Atocha commuter station. The Atocha long-distance and high-speed train stations were unaffected. All three trains bombed were on the Guadalajara-Alcala de Henares-Linares commuter line. In addition the cops blew up a suspicious Ford Fiesta outside the Atocha station in a controlled explosion. There are reports of another explosion, possibly controlled, at the El Pozo station. All train service through these three stations has been stopped, of course, including the long-distance and high-speed trains running through the main Atocha station.

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