Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Here's some fun Republican Party oppo research on John Kerry and his large mouth and their penchant for conspiracy theories. I am assuming the quotes are legit; they sure look like they are. Should they be legit, this guy is too paranoid to be president, Either that or he doesn't believe what he's saying, which is also possible. (Link from James Taranto.)

Geez, this is turning into a sports blog. That's a trend I am going to terminate for the rest of the week except for this link. It's another blog, this one by the basketball writer for the Spanish sports newspaper Marca. If you want the straight dope on European basketball, check it out. One comment: He's a little optimistic about some European players' chances to make it in the big league. Juan Carlos Navarro of Barcelona, though, is a pretty sure bet to be on an NBA team in the next year or two.

Oh, yeah, note this guy's mediocre English. Hey, he gets his point across, so the function is working just fine. (And, of course, he knows a hell of a lot more abut basketball than I do.) It's the form that has its faults here. In case you were wondering what are the most common errors that Spaniards make when writing in English, just take a gander at our pal Rafael's texts. I'm not putting him down, he's doing fine and a hell of a lot better than most Americans do with Spanish. I'm just saying that what he wrote can be analyzed and pattern errors can be picked out.

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