Thursday, March 11, 2004

They're showing film on TV 3. The Atocha train's third car has an enormous hole blown in its side and you can see the workers carrying away body bags. There are at least fifty dead and a hundred seriously injured. There's film of the walking wounded being attended to in the field hospitals. This is not the first time ETA has murdered during an election campaign, but never so big and never so close to election day. Central Madrid is paralyzed. The trains have been stopped and so have at least several subway lines.

Earlier reports of a bomb at the Madrid parliament building were wrong; the bomb was planted at the nearby Santa Eugenia station.

Nobody's claimed responsibility yet but this is clearly an ETA job. Prime Minister Aznar is meeting right now with his emergency cabinet. Rodrigo Rato is apparently on the scene, and Rodriguez Zapatero is supposed to be there at any time. The Basque lendekari Ibarretxe has condemned the bombings. The PP and PSOE are suspending all political campaigning.

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