Sunday, March 21, 2004

In Memoriam

We're reproducing the short biographies La Vanguardia is running of the people killed in the March 11 bombings in Madrid.

Danuta Tersa Szpila, seamstress, 28, Alcala de Henares. Danuta worked as an nanny; she had been living in Spain for five years and had a Polish boyfriend whom she was going to marry back in Poland this summer. She had two sisters and a brother; the brother had also immigrated to Madrid. She had many friends in the Polish community and was also close to the family she worked for, whom she had been with for four years. Danuta was a pretty young woman, the sort you might not pick out of a crowd, but with a natural sort of beauty. She was tall and slim with long dark hair.

Iris Toribio Pascual, sales representative, 20, Vallecas. Iris was an only son. He (he was a man despite the name) worked for a mobile phone company; he was popular with the girls. Iris was an amateur disc jockey and was a techno music fan. He was well known among his many friends for throwing parties at which he would DJ. He was an excellent amateur soccer player with a strong left leg and was a big fan of the Rayo Vallecano team, with whom he had played in the youth section. He leaves his girlfriend, his parents, and his grandparents.

Rodrigo Cabrero Perez, student, 20, Getafe. Rodrigo was a second-year student in computer science at the Pontificia. He was very into role-playing games, and many of his friends were fellow role-players, among them his girlfirend, his younger brother, and even his parents. They formed a close group around him. He was standing on the platform when the train blew up at Atocha; the shock wave broke his neck. His was one of the few bodies recovered intact.

Javier Guerrero, computer operator, 25, Puerta de Arganda. Javier was a very handsome young man who looked a little like Antonio Banderas. He was in his fourth year of computer science at the Polytechnic and also worked part-time with computers. He leaves his family and a group of long-time friends. His body wasn't identified for a week; they identified him using a DNA comparison.

Antonio Sabalete Sanchez, civil servant, 36, Vallecas. Antonio was a civil employee of the Navy. He was married with a seven-year-old son; he had a degree in business. His friends recall that he and his wife were particularly affectionate people. Antonio had had a kidney transplant several years ago, so his friends say he was particularly enthusiastic about life. He was interested in computers and enjoyed working out. He and his wife had bought a new apartment and were waiting to move into it.

Francisco Javier Barahona, computer worker, 34, Santa Eugenia. Francisco Javier, his mother, and his sister formed a close family. He was his nephews' "Uncle Paco". He worked for Toyota, where he was well-known and popular; his family has received dozens of telegrams of condolence from people he worked with. He'd broken up with his girlfriend recently but was hoping to get back together with her. He enjoyed reading and yoga.

Nuria Aparicio Somolinos, lawyer, 40, Azuquena de la Sierra. Nuria was married with two sons of five and eight years. She worked for Schweppes in Human Resources, where her work made her known among her co-workers. She belonged to a social club, of which she was a lively member. She and her family used to spend weekends in the small town of La Bodera where she was born.

Francisco A. Quesada Bueno, office manager, 44, Rivas-Vaciamadrid. Francisco had an 11-year-old daughter and an eight-year-old son. He worked for the Overseas Credit Institute, where he was in charge of distribution of official publications. He enjoyed sports; he played soccer and belonged to a cycling club.

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