Sunday, March 28, 2004

Want some mindless Old European anti-Semitism? La Vanguardia's got it! They run an alleged humor page every Sunday written by some schmuck named Jaume Collell, which is really just about the least funny thing I have ever seen. Well, today we've got a big-nosed, thick-lipped, Der Sturmer-style caricature of Ariel Sharon and a "poem" signed by the "Marquis de Esade". Esade is a famous Barcelona business school, you see. That's supposed to be a joke. Get it?

Here's the original Spanish.

Ved el lider pacifista,
el mahatma Ariel Sharon,
que con sangria nazista
y muro de contencion

siembra la paz en los muertos.
¡Que notable judiada!
Miles de cuerpos yertos
que ya no protestan nada.

Los que fueron masacrados
son ahora los verdugos.
Sucede con los tarados
cuando gobiernan tarugos.

"¡Despierta, o Israel!"
dicen las Escrituras,
que si sigues con Ariel
te comeras tus basuras.

Here's the best translation I can do.

See the pacifist leader,
Mahatma Ariel Sharon,
who with Nazi bloodshed
and his wall of subjection

sows peace among the dead.
What a Jewing!*
Thousands of stiff bodies
who now can protest nothing.

Those who were massacred
Are now the executioners
That happens when the foolish
Are governed by martinets.

Awaken, o Israel!
Say the Scriptures
If you stay with Ariel
You will eat your own excrement.

* According to the Diccionario de la Real Academia, which I used to check and correct my translation, the Spanish word "judiada" means "A wrong or bad action, tendentiously considered as worthy of Jews."

This is quite possibly the most offensive and hateful thing I have ever seen printed in the Vanguardia. And, don't forget, it's on the "Humor" page.

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