Thursday, March 11, 2004

This is just awful. Death estimates range from "dozens" to 100 to 150. They're still evacuating Atocha; we're quite clearly not being shown the very worst film, but what we're seeing is bad enough. They're not showing any dismembered bodies or uncovered dead people. I'm not complaining at all. It's damned obvious what we're seeing. There was a girl lying face down with blood everywhere while she was being attended to and a young boy who was completely covered with his own blood dazedly leaning against a traffic sign and a guy sitting on a stretcher while they carried him away with his shirt off and blood all over the place.

Rajoy has said that the election campaign is over for him right now, and I assume the same is true for Rodriguez Zapatero. TV 3 interviewed Carod-Rovira and he was speechless; the men he shook hands with did this, and he knows he was played for a fool. Ibarretxe has strongly condemned the bombing. He seems to mean it. I bet he fears an anti-Basque backlash, which I want to warn everybody about right now. The ETA did this, not the Basques. Most Basques are against ETA, and this has probably changed a few minds around there. I can only hope. Anyone who continues supporting Herri Batasuna or whatever it's called now is a cynical lover of assassins.

Note to Americans: This is NOT an Al Qaeda job. It's the ETA. Please make sure that CNN and company stop calling these murderers "separatists" or "guerrillas". Hey, if they get lucky and there are 160 deaths today, they'll have scored more than a thousand all-time.

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